Deklarasi Forum Kerukunan Umat Beragama

Bekasi City has declared Inter-Religious Harmony.  Yet until now there still practices by certain groups in the name of the Party and the Forum to take action contrary to the declaration. In fact, this group of brave sued Bekasi City Mayor decision in granting the construction permit of the Catholic Church St. Stanislaus Kostka Kranggan. Parties Church Development Committee has been compliance with all regulations required under the Act. But the group still considers illegitimate.
In which case? Please check carefully and objectively and not based on personal interests.

Is this action was intentionally created by certain parties who did not want Indonesia to unite? If it’s in politisir it all becomes complicated. If politisir actions will only merentankan security and unity of the Nation, is it still needs to maintain a group or party?

The level of education and the teaching and correct understanding of their religion, it becomes very important to understand what the Religious Harmony. Every religion has its own appeal. The right of every individual to determine religious beliefs. Every religion teaches Truth, Love and Peace. None of the five religions in Indonesia, which teaches against of it. If there is, then that religion should not be  in Indonesia.
Accordingly, there is nothing to worry about with the development of a particular religion. If the individual faiths remain faithful to the teachings of their religion, will be reflected in the behavior of the individual. So no need to worry about anyone else as long as we are true and faithful to the teachings of their respective religions. And obviously, that religion is not subjective.

Let us all be positive, and do not make religion as a political tool. Make religion as the basis of behavior. That was enough. During the terms of the establishment of houses of worship filled, allow. Do not forget, perhaps many religious establishment synagogue by the majority who do not have a building construction permit. If so, where is the justice and the implementation of the declaration?

United Indonesia. Religion is an individual affair. The state is obliged to protect, as mandated by the 1945 Constitution Article 29 paragraph (2) which states “The State guarantees the freedom of each citizen to profess their own religion and to worship according to his religion or belief.”

To worship, of course, takes the place of worship worthy.

Greetings my Indonesian Peace

One thought on “Deklarasi Forum Kerukunan Umat Beragama

  1. Chris,nApologies for not responding sooner-too busy at the pie shop! Thoroughly enjoyed the session you ran at Coalbrookdale-pitched at the right level,practical and informative.I think a follow up session at some point in the future would certainly prove useful.nMany thanksnSusan Come on

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