Starting business with a simple ways

Sometimes we confuse about starting new business. People can start their business from their hobies, joint with their friends, joint as franchisee, or start a business in a field that we are interested
Starting business through the hobies is easy but it takes a lot of time.
For example, somebody (I can’t mention his name) delight in VW. He always hunting each of VW car model. He built his own workshop to repair and modify his car. Until now, he has ten VW. His wife delight in cooking. Now, they still in their concept to make VW Restaurant. It’s looks easy, isn’t it ?

My another friend delight in IT. He spend almost 80% his time for doing anything related with IT.  He explore the world with his finger. He makes much programs and publish it. Now, he has been an entrepreneur in IT field.
Starting business through joint with a friend is easy too. But we must be careful of which friends will be our partner. In this way, character is a priority consideration, after that we consider about the business itself. This way is same with joint as a franchisee. Somebody who choose this way is usually a person that have much money but didn’t have a technical skill.
Starting business through interesting field is more difficult. But, for this, we can learn or ask some advise from business mentor. They will lead you about what kind of business that suitable to you, where is the best area, or if need be, they will give you a feasibility study of the business that you’re interested. Of course it looks expensive but it is more cheaper than you take trial and error ways.
So, have a nice experience starting business.

One thought on “Starting business with a simple ways

  1. dewo says:

    I still seek a kind of business that easy to start-up but not expensive. May be you have suggestion?

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